Budget committee

What do we do?

What do we do?

The budget committee is a permanent committee and is responsible for checking the grant applications that are sent to the StuRa. The budget committee consists of up to seven members that are elected by the plenum. The financial officer is the committee’s chairperson.

The budget committee meets every two weeks, alternating with the plenary session. As a general principle, the applicants are invited to the meetings.

Current members of the budget committee:

  • Lennart Staab
  • Anne Recht
  • Hans-Christoph Thiele
  • Judith Schreier
  • Manuel Scheub
  • Victoria Most
  • Kai Schneider
  • Felix Ramberg (advisory member)




Grant applications

Grant applications

There are different applications for project funding and trip grants, and for applying for working group status. You can download the forms or pick them up at the StuRa office.

The application must be submitted to the Finance Unit and will be given a receipt stamp. It is important to submit the application before you make any expense payments. You will then be invited to present your project to the budget committee. The budget committee gives the plenum a recommendation, as it is the plenum that makes the final decision on your grant application. As a rule, the plenum follows the budget committee’s recommendation, but of course, there are sometimes exceptions.


Working groups

According to § 3 (6) of the Statutes of the Student_innenrat, any student can form a working group together with other members of the student body. To be acknowledged as a StuRa working group, you must submit the corresponding application to the Finance Unit. You can apply for basic financial support (as a rule 50-100 Euro), as well as for 5% of the total funding available to working groups for each project you realise (see project funding application). In the year 2014, this was 4,000 Euro in total, i.e. 200 Euro per project. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use the university rooms freely.



Each student and FSR can submit a project grant application. It should be noted that food and drinks should be covered by you, as the StuRa will not bear the costs. The same holds for alcohol. If you want to organise a trip (for first-year students, FSRs meetings at regional state level, etc.), you must also use the project grant application. Please take into account that one third of the cost has to be paid by the person travelling.

Current information on the applications

Project Status Total
FSR BioPharm - Bundesverbandstagung Confirmed by the plenum 35,20 €
FaRaPhy - BuFaTa Confirmed by the plenum 48,33 €
FSR KuGe - Kunsthistorischer Kongress back to budget committee 340,50 €
FSR Info - 35C3 Ticketförderung Confirmed by the plenum 3.000,00 €
WILMA - Fahrtunterstützung Confirmed by the plenum 45,00 €
FSR KuWi - Weihnachtsfeier Confirmed by the plenum 460,00 €
FSR Sozio - Winterfeier Confirmed by the plenum 200,00 €
EWI-Chor Fahrtkosten Confirmed by the plenum 97,96 €
Zukunftswerkstatt Politik in Leipzig Not confirmed by the plenum 200,00 €
Ball der Sportwissenschaften withdrawn 500,00 €