Overview and dates

The student elections 2020 have been paused. They will not take place on the 15th / 16th of December.

The current members of the Fachschaftsräte (faculty-specific student councils) and the Foreign Students Unit (RAS) will remain in office for now.

More news on the continuation of the student elections will be posted here in January 2021.

All details on the student elections can be found in the election announcement.

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The university elections will not be held in 2020! Votes will be cast for the Fachschaftsräte (faculty-specific student councils), the Foreign Students Unit (RAS), the student [] student members of Faculty Councils, the Senate and the Extended Senate, as well as the members of the PhD Candidate's Council and the Gleichstellungsbeauftragten (equal opportunity commissioners) in some faculties.

You will be able to check the register of voters (Wähler_innenverzeichnis) from 03/11 to 17/11/2020 at the offices of the student's Head of Elections (studentischer Wahlleiter) and the university's Wahlamt. If you are registered in multiple study programmes, you should check in which department you are eligible to vote and request a change if you want to vote in the other department.

All the official information is to be found in the Wahlausschreibung (Election Announcement).

You will find additional information concerning the elections of the student members in the various university committees (Senate, Faculty Councils etc.) on this page.



If you want to be listet on the ballot, you need to hand in a Wahlvorschlag (electoral nomination - English version). These have to be on the form provided on this website. This needs to be done until 17/11/2020, 24:00.

You can find information on the candidates at the designated bulletin boards and the website of the committee in question (e.g. your FachschaftsRat) once they are officially announced.

How does voting work?

How does voting work?

You can cast a maximum of 3 Votes; you can vote for the offical candidates, or use the write-in option to add fellow students to the ballot (only in the FSR & RAS elections).

Example ballots will soon be available.

Postal vote

Postal vote

You need to hand in your request for a postal vote until 30 November 2020. The postal voting documents have to return to the Wahlleitung until the polling stations close on 15 December 2020.