Equality and Lifestyle Policy Unit

What do we do?

The Equality and Lifestyle Policy Unit (German: Referat für Gleichstellung und Lebensweisenpolitik, RGL) actively campaigns for equality amongst the most diverse gender identities and lifestyles at the university and in Leipzig in general.

Equality means equal opportunities, rights and participation for everyone at the university, regardless of gender and sexual identity, but also of ‘disability’, because one is not born ‘disabled’, but rather labelled as such.

Lifestyle policy means a commitment to raising awareness of the fact that the concepts of identity, sexuality, origins and body leave their marks on us and have an influence on social roles. These roles may be restrictive and give rise to discrimination, whether structural or individual. Lifestyle policy means raising awareness for these issues and fighting against discrimination.

The gender balance within the occupation of the two coordinator positions reflects our convictions that equality is the duty of society as a whole, for which all genders have to show commitment, questioning at the same time their own limits. This is why our ultimate aim is expressly (gender) diversity. 


Lisa Lotta Damm, Michael Schiefelbein


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What is happening at the RGL?


We're born naked, the rest ist drag!


We're born naked, the rest ist drag!

Do you feel… feminine, disabled, lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, intersexual, asexual, trans, … ?!! – human! = The intent of this list is not to level down individual needs, but rather to simply illustrate the diversity of the RGL’s political commitment. 







Übersicht zu wichtigen Begriffen zum Schwerpunkt Gender: