Finances – FAQ

How can I get money from the StuRa for my project?

You can apply for project funding. Please see the budget committee page for further information.

I already submitted my application a few weeks ago - why haven’t I received an answer?

As a rule, our budget committee meets every second week and discusses a large number of proposals and applications, so it is possible that we may default and it can take a few weeks to process the application. You can find further information about the procedure on the budget committee page.

How do I find out whether the application was approved?

You can find this information under grant applications.

My project is complete. How can I receive the money?

You must present the billing to the accounting department by three months at the latest after your project. You can find further information under grant applications.

How much is the StuRa grant?

There is no rule as such concerning the amount of the grant for a project. In general, the StuRa covers the shortfall in your project calculation. You can also take a look at how much the StuRa grants to other projects (see grant applications). As an AG, you can apply for a maximum of 5% of the total annual budget given to working teams per project, which is currently equivalent to 325 Euro per project.