Get elected!

You want to run?

You want to run?

Do you want to run for a seat in one of the many councils and committees at our university? Easy! You only have to fill in the right form and hand it in at the right place (usually noted on the form itself). For those committees consisting of students only ("Studentische Selbstverwaltung"), the deadline is 18.05.2021 (, 24:00. You can hand them in at the StuRa-Office during its usual opening hours, send it via snail mail or throw it into the "Fristbriefkasten" in front of the SSZ (Goethestraße 6) one day in advance.

There are two types of candidacy:

  • With an Einzelwahlvorschlag, you will only run for yourself and all votes cast in your favour go towards your own placing in the final results only.

  • If you are part of a like-minded group, you can hand in a Listenwahlvorschlag. All candidates on that list will collect votes for their group. All seats won by that group will then be distributed amongst their candidates in order of their individual amount of votes (not according to the original order of the list).

[Please mind: just because you hand in a list with multiple candidates, they do not neccessarily have to be a Listenvorschlag! Please state clearly (there will be a box to tick!) whether the people on the list run seperately or as a group!]

Good to know: You can also be elected into the Fachschaftsrat (faculty-specific student councils) or the RAS (the representatives for foreign students) by voters adding your name to the ballot and voting for you. That is the so-called Write-In-Option.

It is, however, not allowed to add any names or symbols to the ballots for the university committees (Senate, Fakulty Council etc.), be careful! Every comment beyond your litte x will invalidate it!

Please keep your address up to date on the AlmaWeb! We will use that address to contact you after the elections.

It is advisable to talk to your Fachschaftsrat or the Referat Ausländische Studierende in advance. This way, you can get to know the specific work of these committees before committing to them via getting elected.

You can find the candidacy forms for the

  • Senate,
  • Extended Senate,
  • Faculty Council, and the
  • PhD Candidate's Council

on the page of the university's Wahlamt.