Higher Education Policy Unit

What do we do?

What do we do?

The Higher Education Policy Unit helps you with everything related to your studies, the university or the education policy of the federal state of Saxony.

You can talk to us about every issue concerning your studies. And even if we don’t know how to help you ourselves, we’ll certainly know who you can turn to for further advice.

In return, you need to provide us with some information too: What is going well in your studies, and what is going not so well? What kind of information are you having trouble finding? In which areas do you feel that you receive good/bad advice? What would you consider still lacking at the university? This is exactly the kind of detailed knowledge we need in order to represent you fully.

We not only represent you at the university, but also in various committees at regional state level. In addition, we provide you with important information concerning higher education policy, organise a lot of events and try to always keep you informed. 



Leistungen aus dem Ausland

Leistungen aus dem Ausland

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Die Universität hat eine Seite ins Leben gerufen, die über die Annerkennung von im Ausland erbrachten Leistungen informiert.

Diese Seite findest du hier!

Wenn du noch weitere Fragen hast wende dich an deinen FSR oder an die Referent_innen für Hochschulpolitik.


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Wiederholungswahl Erweiterter Senat

Wiederholungswahl Erweiterter Senat

Die nächsten Wiederholungswahlen zum Erweiterten Senat finden am 03. und 04. Dezember statt. Hier findest du die Profile der Kandidat_innen.