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Want to join us?

Want to join us?

Then just send in your application! There are various possibilities to collaborate as a student in the StuRa, at the university or in other positions.

Here you can find a detailed list of the public tenders.

Advice on the application and the election of office bearers

If your application is submitted on time, the plenum members will receive it with the invitation to the next plenary session.

Since sensitive data (e.g. date of birth, place of birth, address, marital status, contact details) will blacked out as a matter of course, it would be appreciated if you could simply omit it from your application altogether. Please send us your phone number separately, e.g. in an e-mail, as this is very helpful when it comes to queries.


The plenum consists of representatives of the FSRs, the StuRa office bearers and the people chairing the meeting; making a total of up to 95 people.

The FSR representatives and the StuRa coordinators are entitled to vote (but not the management).


The electoral process is as follows:
You will have the opportunity to briefly present yourself to the plenum members. There will then be four general questions and around four questions which directly concern the unit you are applying to.  

The four general questions are the following:

  1. Are you a member of a political party, association, fraternity, a female student group or similar? In the context of this question, candidacy is equated to membership. 
  2. How much energy and time are you willing and able to invest in your position, especially with regard to seminar papers, exams and other obligations?
  3. How would you rate the work of the previous holder(s) of this position? Which topics would you focus on during your term of office?
  1. There are matters which the StuRa is confronted with that cannot be assigned to one specific unit or that concern the StuRa as a whole, such as the possibility of opting out of StuRa representation defined in the new Law on University “Freedom” or the education cutbacks. To which extent are you willing to commit yourself to matters that exceed your unit’s specific scope of tasks?