Are you "Ausländer"?

Are you "Ausländer"?

Are you Ausländer?

Everybody talks about integration as if Ausländer were passive objetcs to be included into the society, but we are rarely asked how we really feel about that and how we intergrate Germany into our lives.

Do you experience discrimination in your daily lives? Do you get stupid remarks about your accent? What do you think about sandals with white socks? Do you prefer beer or radler? How do you manage stereotypes? Have you become an expert in postcolonial criticism? How do YOU integrate "Germany" into your life?

This is an Open Call for foreign Students for artistic contributions on the topic!


We are looking for
- Zines
- Essays
- Short stories
- Poetry
- Radio Plays
- Video Clips
- Shortfilms
- Photography
- Comics & Graphic Novels
- Paintings (all techniques)


Send us until the 3rd of February, 2019

- your work
- your Certificate of Enrolment
- your contact details
- a brief autobiography, so we can know who you are and how come you landed up in Leipzig.
- and a signed Copyright Release Form. (



Your participation will be rewarded!

2019/01/10 - 2:04pm

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