Working teams

What are the working teams?

 Each working area, with the exception of management, has a working team (German: Arbeitskreis, AK). The working team’s objective is to complement the work of the respective working area, to gain further support from other volunteers and to introduce interested people to the work of the respective coordinators and working areas. 

AK Higher Education Policy

If you have any suggestions or want to join us, just come by or write us an e-mail: We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas! 

AK Environment

Since the appointment of the new Ecology Unit coordinator, the Environment AK has also come back to life. We had one meeting in January, with more to follow. Feel free to let us know your ideas, suggestions and criticism via or just come to our next meeting! 

AK Performartiver Trubel

We are looking for people who are willing to defend their opinions in public, in order to confuse the usual heteronormative perceptions, to attract attention through performance and to upset social power structures.