About us

The student union for British and American studies is the department-wide representative body for students of British and American studies. As part of the university‘s student self-administration we engage actively in university policy. In practice this means:

  1. We are a member of several committees like the department council (Institutsrat) and the faculty council (Fakultätsrat) in which we campaign for your rights and necessities. As such we are the go-between with lecturers on the one hand and administration on the other hand.

  2. Moreover, we are regularly organising events like monthly anglophile meetings, brunches, and a summer party to give you the chance of getting to know both your fellow students and lecturers. And in case you have any ideas or plans of setting up your own project, we will be glad to support you.

  3. Then again there is the student councelling which we provide during our office hours. Also, feel invited to dwelve among the books in our book exchange shelf or to have a look at old exams.

  4. We generally try to keep you up to date on all matters concerning Leipzig university, Britain and America. Stay informed on our homepage, Facebook, and Instagram.

In general, our student council consists of ten members who are elected in the annual university elections. Additionally, a range of volunteers and non-elected members support our union. They do not necessarily contribute permanently and might just want to have a look into our work at first. So if you are into extracurricular commitment and want to get involved, have a look right here.

Consultation hours

Consultation hours

Our office hours are once a week in room 4.316 of the GWZ (house 4, 3rd upper floor, room 16). If the time is not compatible with you schedule, just write us an email or a Facebook message.
- Wednesday 5 PM to 7 PM

If you'd like to participate just come to one of our weekly meetings!
- Wednesday 7.15 PM

If you want to talk to us, your fellow students or your lecturers in a less formal setting, just come by our Stammtisch (basically a meeting in a pub). We always invite one lecturer of the departments for American and British studies respectively.
- mondays at 7 PM: 12.11.18 // 10.12.18 // 14.01.19 @ Hafenbar


Maggie Shchedrova


Lehramt Englisch
Instagram, AK Ersti, AK LG2TP, StuRa Referat für Kultur

Anne-Sophie Richter


MA Anglistik
Finanzerin, Reading Group, AK LG2TP, AK Ersti

Ina Hermes


MA Anglistik
Reading Group

Friedemann Wildhage


BA Amerikanistik
Institutsrat, StuKo, AK LG2TP, StuRa Haushaltsausschuss, StuRa Geschäftsführung
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Marlon Moßmann


BA Anglistik
Plenum, Berufungskomission Prof. Buchstaller, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Steven Bauers


La Gym Englisch/Ethik
ehemaliger Sprecher, StuRa Wahlleitung und Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Jenny Bretschneider


BA Anglistik
Website, AK Design, AK LG2TP

Fabienne Küchler


Lehramt Englisch
Konvent, Berufungskomission Prof. Buchstaller, AK Ersti

Mieke Marten

Lehramt Englisch

Hanna Kormann


BA Anglistik
Facebook, Leitungssitzung, Berufungskomission Prof. Lörscher, AK Ersti

Zvetelina Nestorov

BA Anglistik