Student committees

You can read about our work as student representatives at "About us". The committees on this site are relevant to our work insofar as we send delegates there. If you are looking for ways to participate, have a look at "Get involved!"

Der Konvent

... is the place for the all the student representatives of a faculty to meet. In the Konvent of the philological faculty, these are delegates from Slavistik/Sorabistik/Onomastik , KlaPhiRo, FaRaLing , ALuTi, DaFZ  and Germanistik. They talk about common issues, especially those arising from discussions in the Fakultätsrat and the Studienkommissionen.

WiSe 18/19: Christian Kupfernagel, Fabienne Küchler & Steven Bauers

Der Institutsrat Amerikanistik (American Studies Department Council)

The Institutsrat meets every first Monday to briefly talk about upcoming events, current changes of university or faculty regulations, and the requests of the student's government. We delegate 1-2 students each semester.

WiSe 18/19: Friedemann Wildhage & Ella Ernst

Die Leitungssitzung Anglistik (British Studies Administration Meeting)

In the Leitungssitzung, information is shared between teaching staff and student representatives. Also, decisions on the development of the department and the budget are discussed. We delegate 2 students.

WiSe 18/19: Anne-Sophie Richter & Mieke Marten

Der Fakultätsrat (FakRat - Faculty Council)

... decides on all matters concerning the faculty, e.g. the department structure, the study programmes, etc. and elects the Dekan (~dean), Prodekan (~deputy dean), and the Studiendekan (specifically for matters of teaching). As such, it is the committee that has to ratify all decisions by the comittees under it (Leitungssitzung, StuKo etc.) It consist of professors (alway in the majority), some academic staff members and the comissioner for equal treatment and the three elected student representatives. These three have to accept every student-related question with a 2/3 majority. In the term 2017/2018, only 2 students were part of the committee.

WiSe 18/19: Johanna Benz, Judith Schreier & Philip Nikolai Hannes
Frieder Wittmeier


Die Studienkommission (StuKo - Programme Commission)

... is meant to advise the faculty administration on questions of programme content and examinations. It is also in charge of student surveys, in coordination with the Konvent. Because half of its members are student representatives, we have a lot of influence on its decisions. These decisions, however, are not binding, as a 2/3 majority in the faculty council (FakRat) can overturn it. The study programmes BA/MA British studies, BA/MA American studies, the English teacher's programme and BA linguistics have one joint StuKo.

WiSe 18/19 from the FSR An/Am (student representatives): Friedemann Wildhage

Der Prüfungsausschuss (Exam Committee)

... evaluates whether other university's modules are accepted as equivalent, decides on cases of plagiarism, requests for re-examination and, with the approval of the Faculty Council, on changes in the exam regulations. One student delegate is a member of the committee.

British Studies/Lehramt - WiSe 18/19: Richard Köppe

American Studies - WiSe 18/19: Ella Ernst

Die Berufungskommission (Appointments Committee)

… is formed to appoint a new professor (a very powerful position in the German system). The candidates will have to give a short academic presentation, which is open for students as well. After these lectures, the candidates will answer questions and the student representatives will take the feedback from their fellow students into the discussion about the appointment proposal of the commision. That proposal will be ratified by the faculty commission afterwards.
The student representatives pay special attention to the candidate's focus on teaching and not only research. They will ask about their didactic concepts and their interest on good collaboration with the students.
Succeeding Prof. Lörscher
Succeeding Prof. Buchstaller
Succeeding Prof. Schönefeld (English Linguistics)
Succeeding Prof. Schenkel (British Literature until 20th Century)

Das Plenum des Student_innenrates (StuRa)

is the highest student body and consists of 1-5 delegates per Fachschaft (in our case, 3), the managers of the StuRa and the heads of its units. The council meetings, however, are public (every second Tuesday 19.15 at the Augusteum, Felix-Klein-Hörsaal, 5th floor) and all students have speaking and petitioning rights. Basically, the student council does the same thing the FSRä do on the department level, only on the university level. Information is exchanged, university policy is discussed and funds are allocated. You can find current dates, agendas and reports here. After the meeting is over, the real work only starts for the StuRa. They provide all kinds of counselling, negotiate with the Studentenwerk, organize events and the student elections.
WiSe 18/19: Marlon Moßmann, Charly Tiede & Martin Fiedler
You can find more information on the StuRa, its units and its activities(and the possibilities of getting involved yourself) on the StuRa website. You can just go by their offices at the central campus on the ground floor of the seminar building(Seminargebäude, SG). They are nice. At the same location, you can find the Campusservice, where you can borrow equipment, e.g. a speaker system for events.

Senate and Extended Senate

The Senate is the highest university committee with student representation. It is responsible for fundamental decisions on charters, organisation, evaluation and development planning across faculties. Moreover, it appoints members of the Hochschulrat and has to confirm proposed candidates for the election of the rector. Similar to the faculty councils, the 11 professors are always the majority against the 4 academic staff members, 2 other employees and the 4 student representatives. These 4 are elected by all students. The student representatives in the sub-committees of the council are appointed by the student council, which means they are elected in the council meetings.
You can contact the student members at
The extended Senate is only summoned to elect the rector or to change the university constitution(Grundordnung). It consists of the members of the Senate as well as the same number of members, elected in the same way.
The student representatives are, at the moment (4/2018):
  • Vanessa Fuguero, faculty of languages
  • Nastja Hentschel, faculty of life sciences
  • Jules Oumard, fayulty of physics und geosciences
  • Hans Schneider, faculty of medicine
Extended Senate -> see Website

Links: Senate, Extended Senate, Senate on the StuRa website

Die Rektoratskommission Lehre, Studium, Prüfungen (LSP)

... prepares decisions on the creation, discontinuation or re-working of study programmes. This includes re-writing regulations. It is also involved in the internal quality management processes of the university.

Normally, there are four StuRa-elected student representatives in the commission. The LSP meetings are not public, but non-members can be invited if necessary.

The student representatives are atm (2017):
  • Lennart Staab, faculty of chemistry and mineralogy
  • Tatjana Wallstab, faculty of social sciences and philosophy
  • Antonia Türk, faculty of pedagogy