Student Union Events


The consultation hour takes place once a week room 4.316 (house 4, 3rd floor, room 16) in the GWZ. You can get help with questions of study organisation, look at the tests of the last semesters and rummage through our book-swap shelf. If the time and day don’t match up with your schedule, you can contact us via email and Facebook, chances are we can either discuss things over email or offer you a different time and day.

During Winter Term 18/19, the office hour will be from 5pm to 7pm.

If you want to get to know our work or us better, or consider to join us, just feel free to come to our weekly meeting on Wednesdays 7.15om. Everyone is welcome, even if you end up deciding it’s not your cupp of tea.

Monthly Pub Meeting

Every month we meet at a pub of choice and get together with our lecturers and fellow students. This is a great opportunity to talk about topics outside of the usual "What’s the test going to be about?" or "Who actually read the book?!" in class and to just hang out with your friends. As mentioned before, we also always invite at least one lecturer from the department of American and one lecturer from the department of British studies. Don’t be shy and join us next time.
The dates for the winter term 18/19 are the following:

  • 15th of October '18

  • 10th of December '18

  • 14th of January '19

Events for our freshers

In our special office hours for freshers we will answer all questions concerning the beginning of your studies. You can ask about modules, programme structure, AlmaWeb, studies abroad, BaFög etc. We'll also help you with enrolling in your courses and designing your schedule!  Do 02.10.18 2-4 PM & Do 09.10.18 6-8 PM!

The uni rallye is a kind of paper chase along the most important institutions and places of for our students. Your group can find out were the Prüfungsamt is located, where to find the next copy shop or what the fastest route between the centre of humanities and the main campus is. This is ideal for freshers who are not familiar with the city yet. This year, we will change the concept a litte bit and have you participate in a game of Real Life Scotland Yard. You will go all around the city in pursuit of the mysterious person X who will reveal their location in fixed intervals. You will discover the town, its public transport system and many interesting places along the way. Friday, the 12th of October, 3-6 PM!

We will also have our anual pub crawl – the birth of many a good friendship. We will guide you along the Karli in several groups and visit the best or most popular bars of our town. Additionally, each team can solve some tasks and a litte quiz to win a small prize at the end. Thursday the 18th October 7 PM!

The Lecturer's Guide to the Past

Removing the invisible classroom wall between lecturers and students is the main idea of the event. It will usually take place twice each semester. Lecturers will be asked to talk about their own experiences as university students. We want to discus interesting questions about the past and the present. How, for example, was studying in the former GDR like? How did the world look before the likes of Moodle and AlmaWeb were invented?
The next dates are:

  • tba

Reading Group

The Reading Group was created by Dr. Maria Fleischhack and is now a project of the FSR.
This is the perfect group for you if...

  • you like reading,

  • you want to get to know other people (who also like reading),

  • you want to practise speaking English,

  • you want to talk about the book you read and discuss it with other people,

  • or you just love hanging out in a nice environment with other friendly people and enjoy some snacks and hot or cold beverages.

Don't be shy, just drop by and see for yourself. And of course everyone is welcome (you don't need to study English or American Studies).

You can find the current dates here or on the group's Facebook-Page. The meetings will usually take place every fortnightly, Thursdays at 7 PM.

Graduation Ceremonies

The FSR usually plans a graduation ceremony for British Studies and TEFL students. There will be a few speeches, a bit of champagne and time to celebrate!

The American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V. (ASLAA) plans such events for American Studies students. They try to connect students, alumni and teachers to give them the opportunity of staying in contact! Apart from graduation ceremonies, they organize 'welcome BBQs' for freshers and other networking events. The association is always looking for new members, help and enthusiasm! (

FSR football team & GWZ Cup

The American and British Studies student reps are no stranger to team sports. The GWZ Cup is a small annual football (soccer, for our American Studies students) tournament organised by the different student unions. You want to join? Just send us a message via email or facebook or take a look at our team’s facebook group. We’d love to have you on our team.

Other Events

For more events in Leipzig, have a look at our link list.

Linguistics in Leipzig

Are you interested in linguistics in all its aspects (phonology, morphology, grammar…)? Have a look at the list of events at 'Linguistik Leipzig'.

Christmas Lecture

Every year before Christmas the lecturers from the British studies department will read to you. They pick a book and each read a different section of it; all you have to do is sit and listen. We’ll tell you where and when it takes place as soon as we know.

Screening Britain

Are you interested in British cinema? Then this is the right place for you. Every other Tuesday at 7.15 pm at the GWZ (room 5.316) you can watch great movies in English (during the term). Currently there is no program for next semester, but you can find it here as soon as it exists.

Critical Orientation Week

Parallel to the regular Orientation Week you can also take part in the Critical Orientation Week, taking place on the main campus grounds. Here you can get information from them about current topics concerning society, politics and university.

Studium Universale

“Studium Universale” is a weekly lecture series, taking place during the semester. The central topic is discussed from a different standpoint in each lecture, as the lecturers come from different institutes. From time to time lecturers from American or British studies are also invited to take part. You will find the program and further information here.

University Library

You can visit the library at multiple different locations; just take a look here to find out where. Most books are available only at a few locations, so make sure to check the Homepage before going anywhere ;). The university also hosts interesting exhibitions and conferences at the library. Furthermore, they offer“ Wifi-consultation” multiple times a week.

Newsletter Engagierte Wissenschaft e.V.

If you don't want to miss any event on polictical, sociological, economical, historical or in any way relevant to society, feel free to subscribe to the event newsletter of "Engagierte Wissenschaft". They have suggestions ranging from movie screenings to lectures and seminars to political rallies.

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