Graduation 2020 - Invite

Done with your studies?

Graduation 2020 - Invite

Are you graduating this summer? Just because we can have no formal Graduation, doesn't mean we forgot about you!

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Fsr AnAm Graduation
Graduation 2020

Due to the current circumstances we won’t be able to hold a proper graduation party in person. But that doesn’t mean that we forgot about you! 

We would like to honour your academic success by sending you your own personal certificate. From us to you. Free of charge. This amazing certificate package includes a fancy certificate that comes in a unique FSR AnAm folder. On top of that you’ll also get a little surprise from us. (:
Unfortunately, this is not an official certificate (i.e. it won’t do you any good in an application). Therefore, however, it is all the better to hang on your wall or to treasure in your own way. 

Tell us if you want one by sending an email to by 17 August 2020. We need to know your prospective degree, your name and preferred postal address so that we can send the certificate to you. We’d also be happy to know the title of your thesis. We assure you that all private information will be kept confidential.
Until then, enjoy the semester break!