GWZ Cup is coming!

Sign up for GWZ Cup before July 17!

GWZ Cup is coming!

Take part in the sportiest event there is and prove your bravery, team spirit, determination to win, and crazy football skills on July 19, 2019.

Where 'n' when?

  • July 19, 4 p.m. at Sportanlage Wettinbrücke. 

How to take part?

  • Sign up as a mixed-team with your Fachschaft before July 17. (So if you're studying Englisch Lehramt, Anglistik or Amerikanistik - talk to us ;) )

Some drink and snacks will be provided - plus everybody is going to have a BBQ afterwards. Kick-off! See you there! 

07.07.2019 - 12:39
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