Project funding

Are you planning a project that might be of interest for your fellow students? A lecture, an exhibition, a reading, a concert, a workshop, a magazine publication or something entirely different? We can help you! We provide:

  • Financial aid (yes, money)

  • Advertising through all channels available to us

  • Stuff to borrow (BBQ, hot plate, pop-up canopy etc.) → you can ask the Campusservice aswell


If you are only interested in a little bit of social media advertising or borrowing stuff, it is pretty simple: just ask us. If you need a bit of cash, here is what you need to provide:

  • A written proposal (there will be a form for that soon) with a description of the project and your financial plan (expenses and earnings). We recommend determining a specific purpose for the funds, so you only have to hand in the contracts and invoices concerning this particular expense, e.g. a lecturer's fee, rental costs or marketing costs.

    • Idealy, you should hand in your proposal at one of our union meetings, explain your project in person and answer questions that might arise. If you can't make it, just put it into our mailbox at the third floor of the GWZ, opposite our room.

    • IMPORTANT: Your proposal has to be handed in at least one day before your first project-related payment or signing any contracts and at least 2 weeks before your event takes place.

  • Please indicate our support on your posters or brochures. You can find our logo HERE.

  • The accounting: at least three months after your event took place and until the current year's 10th of December you have to hand in the following paperwork - as originals if possible:

    • For the financial plan of your entire project

      • an overview of all actual spendings and earnings (even if you have defined a special purpose for the aid)

    • Only for the particular expense, if you defined any:

      • all agreements concerning expenses and income

      • all invoices and receipts

      • some kind of proof of actually spending the money (transfer vouchers, bank statements, receipts etc.)

    • an invoice by yourself to us with the correct amount of subsidies agreed upon


Also keep in mind:

  • We can not subsidize projects connected to university exams. If you, for example, go abroad for researching your bachelor thesis, we may not give you any money for that.

  • We will only cover expenses that you have actually had, of course. Because the funds are tied to a specific purpose (e.g. travel costs for a lecturer) only the amount of money really spend for that purpose will be paid.

  • Like the StuRa, we will usually not cover more that half of your projects total expenses. You can, of course, ask other student unions (FSRä) and the student council (StuRa) for additional support. If an FSR cooperates with the StuRa they normally split the buget in thirds. The StuRa covers 1/3, the FSR covers 1/3 and the remaining 1/3 would be your own contribution, entrance fees or the like.

  • Important: Non-reusable things like candles or food and drinks can not be subsidized by us.