Policy paper on the accommodation of refugees

Policy paper on the accommodation of refugees

Policy paper on the accommodation of refugees in Leipzig

On Tuesday 13th October 2015, the Leipzig University Student Council (StuRa) unanimously passed a comprehensive policy paper on the situation of refugees in Leipzig.

Among other things, the students demand a dignified and decentralised accommodation of refugees, the possibility for them to resume and complete their education as soon as possible, and the breaking down of barriers to their access to educational, medical and (psycho-)social institutions, to the labour market and in their contact with authorities.

Markus Adler, coordinator of the StuRa’s Anti-Racism Unit, states: “During the last few months we noticed that, specifically in the initial reception centres, there are no minimum standards for the accommodation of refugees – this cannot become a permanent state of affairs. Immediate action must be taken on the part of the legislator!”

Moreover, together with the refugees, the StuRa organises different educational, cultural, sporting and leisure activities. “These activities are extremely important to the refugees. Even though it is ‘only’ a football game, it gives them the possibility to escape the dreariness of the mass accommodation, albeit only for a short time,” explains Olivia Krusche, joint leader for the working team “Sports and Games”, one of many StuRa working teams on behalf of the refugees.

However, to achieve a successful reception and integration of refugees in Saxony specifically, it is above all necessary to implement a participatory asylum policy that addresses and takes into consideration the needs and wishes of the affected people.

The StuRa demands that the state and the federal government stand up against racist propaganda. “Those responsible for Saxon policy have to publicly condemn the racist danger that Pegida/Legida poses and to intensify and ensure lasting protection of (potential) victims of racist violence,” states Marcus Adler, coordinator of the StuRa’s Anti-Racism Unit.

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Please find the policy paper here.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marcus Adler, coordinator of the StuRa’s Anti-Racism Unit: Marcus.adler@stura.uni-leipzig.de or 00 49 341 97 37 850.

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