Referat Ausländischer Studierender

Wer sind Wir?

Since 1990, the Foreign Students Unit (German: Referat Ausländischer Studierender, RAS) has been an autonomous unit of the StuRa of Leipzig University. Students from different countries represent the interests of all foreign students and doctoral candidates at Leipzig University – both internally and externally. The RAS collaborates with the Akademisches Auslandsamt (AAA), the Studentenwerk and the University’s Commissioners for Foreign Students. The coordinators are the point of contact for all official bodies, e.g. the Foreigners’ Authority or other authorities of the City of Leipzig.

What does the RAS do? 

  • Organisation of cultural, political and social events such as the “multikulti”-night, parties, football tournaments, children’s parties and many more 
  • Advice on legal, financial, social and academic matters as well as other problems which international students might experience 
  • Support of projects and cultural events of international clubs, and any other ideas you might have
  • Organisation of seminars, lectures, panels and campaigns; representation in university committees, member of the Federal Union of International Students (BAS)



Nadia Galina, Alhussain Murad
  • Donnerstag 14:00 - 16:00


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