Who are we?

We at the Foreign Students Unit are gladly available to all students. We are happy to offer free advice to anyone who is already studying at the University of Leipzig or who wants to start studying here. Our department aims to promote tolerance and intercultural exchange. If you have questions regarding studies, residence permits or visas, admission to studies, student housing, general questions about the city of Leipzig or any other concerns you would like to share with us, you can come to the unit in person or just send us an email and we will try to help you as much as possible. We are also available by phone during the consulting hours listed above.

Our multilingual team is made up of foreign students, so we might even be able to advise you in your native language! Our advisors advise you in Arabic, German and English.

For the announcement of our events, please have a look at our Facebook page!

Consulting offer

We offer a consultation hour for foreign students. We advise on all questions concerning studies as well as work and residence permits. We also provide assistance in finding a job and a place to live. We offer help in dealing with social, legal, cultural and political problems.

With a network of internal organs of the university and external institutions of the city of Leipzig, we find the right contact points for the concerns of foreign students. At the same time, we actively support foreign students in their concerns by accompanying them when dealing with authorities in order to overcome language barriers.

  • Advice and support in case of problems with the university and residence authorities.
  • Equal treatment of all students, regardless of their nationality
  • Reversal of discriminatory measures against foreign students
  • Access to the labor market
  • Insurance matters
  • Financial support in case of emergency