Together with the effort of two university trade union groups, the “Commission for Student Employees” has been in place since July 2020, half funded by the Student Council of the University of Leipzig and half by the Saxony Education and Science Union (GEW). In the field of student employees, i.e. student assistants or research assistants (“studentische Hilfskräfte” or “wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte”), I am committed to the observance and improvement of the applicable labor laws. In addition, the commission is the first point of contact for students who want to participate in a long-term improvement of the labor rights of student employees Saxony. Of course, I work closely with the relevant university political committees, such as student councils or faculty councils. In addition, I inform about what trade unions have to do with studies and why it is so important for us students to organize ourselves. I am the right contact person for you if you:

• Have personal problems with things like employment contracts, working hours and remuneration and you want to defend yourself against them.
• Have structural labor law problems at your institute or faculty.
• You would like to participate in improving working conditions in general.
• You have always wanted to know more about trade union work and organization in higher education.
• You would like to exchange ideas with others who have had similar experiences.
• Are other political actors at the university and you would like to support the fight against bad working conditions.

If you are not sure whether your concern fits to my assignment, feel free to write me an email anyway, in the worst case I will forward you to the appropriate office.

To meet all chronobiological needs, appointments can be arranged between 20:00 and 03:00.