Current Information

Social Services can currently only offer appointments online. Please make yours via email:


Chiara Spinelli is your social counselor.

She advises all students, especially regarding the issue of how to finance their studies:

  • How can one finance oneself during one’s studies? – Jobs, BAföG, housing benefits (Wohngeld), stipends, studying loans…
  • Which forms of financial help are currently available to foreign students?
  • Studying with (a) child(ren), - Financing, childcare / day care offers, leave of absence, networking opportunities for studying parents…
  • Loans to help pay for tution fees – and more!

Social Services aim to help their clients to help themselves. Important tips are given, and contacts are established.

StuRa offers the possibility to apply for one-time financial aid to all students who find themselves in financial troubles. Concretely, StuRa is able to offer a grant of up to 400€, which does not have to be paid back. All students enrolled at the University of Leipzig are allowed to apply for this grant once every twelve months. Foreign students are expressely included in the group allowed to apply for this grant and doing so has no negative effect on their student-visa.
To receive the application-form and informational materials on this matter, please send an email from your university-email-adress to:

For students who are experiencing extraordinary or complicated issues with their BAföG:

Please be refered to the specialists at StuRa’s BAföG-Services:

If, however, you should rather be experiencing issues with:

  • Stress related to your studies
  • psychological crises
  • decisive life events
  • problems related to management of daily routines

StuRa also offers psychosocial counseling. In these cases, please write an email to:

Foreign students with questions regarding your:

  • studies
  • residence permit or visa
  • study admission
  • student dormitory 
  • or concerning general questions about the city of Leipzig 

please contact StuRa’s Unit for Foreign Student’s Affairs:

Students with impairments can reach out to StuRa’s Unit for Inclusion: