Since early 2019, the University of Leipzig has its own “Student Affairs Commissioner”. His/Her responsibilities are understood according to §23 of the University’s Basic Order. The Student Affairs Commissioner is situated in the nexus of the University’s directorate and the Student Body, aiming to improve communication between the two, including their representatives. On the other hand, the commissioner works to coordinate the flow of information between representatives of StuRa and the FSRs (Student Councils) and members of groups that aren’t part of the offical self-administrative structure of the Student Body. This includes faculty councils, exam boards, and especially the University Senate. Should you be engaged in any of these groups, I can:

• help you out with almost any subject matter regarding Higher Education Policy
• act as a mediator between you and another party
• work towards the goal of your rights being honored in meetings
• be at your side when you go to your body’s meetings
• help you out with contacts to other (higher education) policy actors

I will also try – to the best of my ability – to help out with any and all higher education policy issues outside of these official bodies. Should you be unsure, just contact me via Email so that we can find a solution; or at least the person who can do just that. Finally, I am also open to being contacted by higher education policy actors without affiliation to the University of Leipzig.