The Social Committee is one of the bodies within StuRa whose influence directly benefits students – literally. Here, student representatives – up to five students can be members of the committee – get to vote on whether to grant applications by students who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. This means that the Social Committee provides an opportunity for speedy and unbureaucratic financial assistance to students in need. Via StuRa’s Social Services, you can post your applications to the committee. Its members then decide on whether to grant financial assistance and, if so, on its scope. The decisions are guided by rules and norms for livelihood-assistance as defined by German Social Law (SGB XII). This ensures that decisions are made fairly and transparently.

You would like to become a member of the Social Committee and help fellow students who find themselves in financial need? Then please write to StuRa’s management at! We are always excited about people willing to get to work with us on improving conditions for our peers. And getting to work on the Social Committee is a brilliant way to start your involvement with University politics.