What do we do?

The fundamental goal of the Sustainable Mobility Unit is to help shape the socially necessary mobility for all students at the University of Leipzig in the most socially acceptable and environmentally friendly way possible.

The negotiation of the semester ticket is the central task. In addition, the unit represents Leipzig students in transport policy committees and realizes its own projects and lectures. Furthermore, we are the contact persons for questions regarding the semester ticket, the StuRa’s cargo bike and the bicycle self-help workshops of the StuRa and the Studentenwerk.

The unit is active in the following committees:

  • Chair of the semester ticket committee of the Studentenwerk Leipzig. This is a decision-making body, which deals in particular with the topic of the semester ticket. Furthermore, it coordinates the student mobility fund, from which the bicycle self-help workshops and other sustainable projects are financed. The committee is made up of representatives from all Leipzig universities and the Leipzig Student Union.

  • The LVB Passenger Advisory Board is an advisory body of LVB that deals with issues related to optimizing the well-being of its passengers. The speakers represent the interests of students, who are a very large user group due to the semester ticket.

  • The Round Table of Cycling Leipzig is a consultation meeting of all committed actors and associations with representatives of the administration of the city of Leipzig and the parliamentary groups of the city council.

  • The Forum Urban Mobil is an association open to all people interested in mobility. Various groups and associations, such as Ökolöwe, ADFC, but also citizens’ alliances and local traffic politicians discuss current traffic policy issues.

  • RadLE is a meeting initiated by the Ordnungsamt Leipzig to discuss issues of (bicycle) traffic safety and to coordinate campaigns to combat bicycle theft.

The unit organizes the following projects:

  • Participation in campaigns such as the international Park(ing) Day and the European Mobility Week Leipzig.
  • Organization of mobility games, idea raffles, lectures, altion and information days on mobility topics.


Share car booking for student representatives:

To book a share car as a student council member, please fill out our booking form and hand it in to the StuRa office along with a copy of your driver’s license and ID card. Please also read our information sheet for share car use in the StuRa. We can then book you a share car for the desired period of time. The bill will then go directly to your FSR. If you need any help, just write me an e-mail.

Bicycle garages Mensa am Park and Paula

Monday - Friday 6:00 to 23:00 Saturday 6:00 to 14:30

Bicycle repair shop “Die Radgeber”

Monday - Friday 10:00 to 19:00

Self-help bicycle workshop “Die Villa”

Monday to Friday 16:00 to 19:00