How can the unit help you?

The University Teaching and Studying Unit (LuSt) is the central point of contact for students in questions of study organization. The department provides help for self-help or mediates and coordinates between those seeking help and those providing it.

Frequent questions in the organization of studies arise, among other things, when the module assignment in the elective area does not work again or teachers illegally insist on compulsory attendance or do not adhere to the examination and study regulations. This inevitably results in arbitrary treatment of students’ rights.

Likewise, the creditability of work done at other universities or errors in AlmaWeb that have not yet been corrected are a central task of the department.

Students play a significant role in the creation and revision of study and examination regulations in their study commissions, the faculty councils and the senate. There are several basic principles which the department supports all participants in implementing.

In addition, the unit is available for all questions regarding data protection. Be it violations of your rights by members of the university (e.g. professors post notices with clear names and matriculation numbers) or questions about data protection in student committees.

The University Teaching and Studying Unit plays a central role in student self-administration and is always available at for any questions and advice.