You would like to run for one of the committees and offices available for election? Simply fill out the corresponding form on the right. For student committees, you have until midnight on April 28, 2023; these forms can simply be dropped into the designated mailbox in the StuRa office during the corresponding opening hours, or sent by post (or via the deadline mailbox in front of the SSZ, but one day in advance!).

Forms for the university committees can be handed in until April 28, 2023; bring the documents for this to the election office in Goethestraße 6, or drop them in the deadline mailbox in the entrance area of Goethestraße 6 (SSZ).

There are two ways to run:

  • As an individual nominee, you run for office on your own, meaning all votes cast directly for you count.
  • As part of a list election proposal, all persons on the list collect votes together. The seats that are allocated to the list proposal go to the candidates with the most votes within the list.

[Note: just because the election proposals are on a list, they do not necessarily have to be list proposals. Please mark clearly if it should be an individual proposal or a list proposal].

Also good to know: You can also be elected to be part of the student representatives of the department and the RAS without having run for office, if enough voters write your name on the ballot and vote for you. This is called the write-in option.

However, on the ballots of the university elections (Senate, FakRat etc.) a write-in is not allowed, watch out! Any note here will make the ballot invalid!

Please also update your address in AlmaWeb, so that the notification about the election or your move-up place ends up in the right place!

It is also recommended (but of course not obligatory) to contact the tudent representatives of the department you want to be elected to in advance and to drop by a meeting.

Forms (Student self-administration)

Election Proposal FSR & RAS 2023

Forms (Academic self-administration)

The forms for

  • Senate,
  • Extended Senate,
  • Faculty Council,
  • Equal Opportunity Officer, and
  • PhD Council

can be found on the website of the University Election Office.