What do we do?

The Equality and Life Policy Unit (RGL) actively promotes equal rights for all genders and diverse lifestyles at the university and in Leipzig.

Equality - means equal opportunities, equal rights and equal participation of all in (university) life - regardless of gender and sexual identity. (Equality for those who are disabled is the responsibility of the Department for Inclusion).

Life policy - means engagement in the awareness that notions of identity, sexuality, origin, relationships and body shape us and have an impact on social roles. However, these roles can be very limiting and are often the source of (structural and individual) discrimination. Life policy means raising awareness for these problem areas and engagement against discrimination.

The gender parity of the two positions takes into account the conviction that equality is a task for society as a whole, in which all genders must cooperate as well as question its limits. Therefore, we explicitly wish for (gender) diversity.