We offer advice in terms of legal questions as well as in terms of connecting you with someone with prior experience of conflicts related to renting.

When one’s own apartment is endangered as a place of privacy and refuge, it is important to recognise that the fears one might experience need to be shared communally, and that it’s okay to have them. Our Rent-Counseling therefore, beyond offering initial legal advice, is supposed to help you keep an upbeat spirit and connect you to solidaric groups.

The more paperwork on your issue you have on your hands, the better we can help you! All kinds of documents, including photos can be helpful.

So, if you need help as a tenant: contact us!

Currently, we offer our rent-counseling services via Email: mieten@stura.uni-leipzig.de. Due to the high demand, mails will be answered every Thursday. So please excuse the possible waiting time.

This service was set up following suggestions from the civil initiative “Aktionsbündnis Wohnen: Leipzig für Alle!” and the German Trade Union Confederations University Group (DGB-Hochschulgruppe).