Elective offices



Currently none.

You want to participate?

Then simply apply! There are different ways to get involved as a student with the StuRa, in the university and elsewhere. Here you can find a list of open positions with all the details.

Notes on the application and election of officers:

If the application is received by the deadline, it will be sent to the plenum members with the invitation. Sensitive data will be blacked out, you will do us a big favor if you leave them out of the application documents (i.e. date and place of birth, address, marital status, contact details). Please include your cell phone number in the email or separately, this is very helpful for queries.

The plenum consists of the delegates from the department student body, the office bearers of the StuRa as well as the members of the meeting management, that is up to 95 persons.

The FSRä delegates as well as the StuRa officers (not the management) are entitled to vote.

The election process is as follows: you have the opportunity to briefly introduce your motivation. After that you will be asked 4 general questions and 4 specific questions about your department.

The four general questions are as follows:

  1. Are you a member of the “Verfasste Studierendenschaft”, parties, clubs, fraternities or sororities, youth associations etc.? A membership in the sense of this question is equivalent to a candidacy.

  2. What concrete or as yet unspecified goals would you like to pursue during your term? What would be particularly important to you?

  3. There are issues that the StuRa is confronted with that go beyond the responsibility of a single unit. Could you imagine to get more involved in such cases and how do you imagine the cooperation with the members of the StuRa, the department student bodies and other committed people?

  4. Not every unit means an explicitly political office. To what extent do you consider your unit to be a political office? And if so, what politics would you bring to your unit?