What do we do?

The Committee on Higher Education Policy has, has a part of the Higher Education Policy Unit, a dual function within StuRa. On the one hand, it serves to check and balance the delegates work through critical discussion. On the other, it works with and alongside the delegates to prepare their motions for their discussion in StuRa’s plenary meetings.

The Committee functions as a watch-dog dedicated to the University’s activities in terms of its own Higher Education Policy as well as its impact on the Higher Education policy in the broader sense of it’s structure within the state of Saxony. To this end, the Committee works closely with the conference of Saxonian Students (KSS).

The Committee has up to seven members. They are elected in StuRa’s plenary meeting. On top of this, both of the delegates in the Unit for Higher Education Policy are members of the committee and entitled to a vote in it.

All students are kindly invited to join our discussions, as we want to make sure to take into account as many voices and perspectives as possible.

We meet at 7pm on tuesdays in a bi-weekly rhythm, in altneration to StuRa’s plenary session. You can find the exact dates in the top right hand corner of this webpage.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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