The psychosocial counseling of the Student Council of the University of Leipzig is a first low-threshold contact point. Here you can take a common look at different areas of life, situations and challenges in order to develop solutions, strategies or specific offers of support.

Common topics:

  • Stress in studies
  • learning management
  • Exam anxiety
  • mental crises
  • Far-reaching life events and crises
  • Problems in coping with everyday life
  • Loneliness
  • Compatibility of home office / home study with family and personal needs

Individual consultation appointments can be easily arranged by email. The consultation can take place by phone, video chat or in person. The psychosocial counseling is of course confidential and for free.

Come around for open consultation (opening hours on the right site) or send your individual appointment requests via Mail to:

Important: This counseling offer does not replace a professional therapy offer or comparable.