StuRa’s Divisions and Units

StuRa can form units in order to accomplish the work it is legally authorized and compelled to take on. In this way, StuRa as a body works towards the interests of all students at the University of Leipzig.

In accordance with our current statutes, StuRa’s units are organized within four divisions:
University Politics, Student Life, Communication, and Political Education. The financial unit and management form the division of management’s offices.

Usually, each unit has one delegate taking on its respective issues. The unit of public relations and the equality and life policy unit each have two delegates. The unit for the affairs of foreign students has up to four.

Division for Political Education

Division for Student Life

Division for Communication

Division for University Politics


Management of StuRa


Finances of StuRa

Working Groups (AGs)

Open workshop collectives / working groups within StuRa


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