You don’t know where to vote? You can find an overview of the polling stations of the student councils on this page below. Just go to the polling station of the student council you are registered in between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the election days.

If you don’t know in which student council you can vote, please have a look at the voter directory (see below)!

If you are not in Leipzig, or if you simply can’t find a free minute, you can also vote by letter, if you have applied for it until June 05, 2023.

Polling stations

Your polling stations you can find in this table: Polling stations 2023.

Department student body change

As a member of the student body, you are entitled to vote in exactly one student council, even if you study several subjects.

Students who belong to more than one department student body must declare which student council they wish to vote for. A declaration of consent to stand for election is also considered a declaration. If such a declaration is not made to the election officer or is not made in time by the time the list is closed, the assignment will be made according to the first major subject or the first core subject, for students of the degree programs Higher Teaching Certificate at Gymnasiums and Teaching Certificate at Oberschulen according to the first subject, and for students of the teaching degree at elementary schools or special education to the department of Educational Sciences. Such a declaration can also be made for all future elections until revoked.

To do so, simply fill out the application on the right and submit it to the student election administration in the StuRa office (in the mailbox there), or in the university election office (Goethestraße 6). The deadline for this is May 23, 2023 at midnight!

Request for department student body change (FS-Change) 2023

Register of voters

The electoral roll lists all eligible voters of a department student body. In order to be able to vote or to be elected, you have to be listed in the directory!

Usually this is not a problem, because the directory is created centrally from the enrollment data. In individual cases, however, there are missing entries or incorrect entries. In order to be able to determine this in time, the electoral roll will be available till May 23, 2023 at the student election office (in the StuRa office) and at the university election office. There it can be viewed during the respective office hours and you can apply for a change in case of problems.

You can apply for these changes to the directory:

  • Correction of an incorrect entry, e.g. if your name or other information is incorrect.
  • The entry if you are not listed in the directory
  • The deletion of a person who is not eligible to vote and who is listed in the directory.

Please fill out the form on the right and hand it in to the Student Election Officer in the StuRa office (in the mailbox there) or to the University Election Office (Goethestraße 6). The deadline for this is May 23, 2023 at midnight!