Whether it’s the hope for better study conditions, a part-time job or love that drives you, the reasons for changing your place of study are diverse and often also of an existential (Anmerkung: Im Originaltext ist von “exentiell” die Rede, was kein Wort im Duden ist und wo ich mir nicht sicher war, was damit genau gemeint ist) nature. So you want to study at another university, but you have a place at the University of Leipzig? Study place exchange - helps This offer is supported by the “Verein zur Förderung studentischer Belange” (VSB). The StuRa is a member with other student bodies from all over Germany and supports the study place service of the VSB. 59,674 successful placements have been recorded via this online service since June 1, 2003.

How does it work & What does the VSB do?

Students can exchange places in subjects with restricted admission - be it AdH procedures, admission via “hochschulstart” or local NC - normally if the exchange partner is in the same subject and in the same semester. Unfortunately, there are many additional special regulations at the individual universities. To get to know them and compare them is quite a Sisyphean task. The VSB takes care of most of it. The different exchange conditions of the universities, your exchange wishes and requests are fed into a database system and the VSB searches for the corresponding offers. Not only simple exchange A to B and vice versa, but also by ring exchange with 3 or more persons. (A to B, B to C, C to A etc.). On the above mentioned homepage you simply have to make a swap request under “New registration”. If you get such a partner, you can be sure that the exchange will be carried out by the participating universities. The larger the number of people willing to swap, the greater the chance that each and every one of them will eventually find the university of their dreams.

In addition to maintaining the database and the homepage, the VSB also helps with all other problems that arise around the study place. For example, with questions about the selection process of the individual universities, quasi-recognition, transfer timing, capacity complaints, allocation by the International Office, mediation of legal assistance, and so on. So if you are planning to exchange your study place, just call or write an e-mail. Information is available here. Telephone advice is available every day from 10:00-16:00, e-mail advice around the clock. Service for students is the most important thing of the VSB, that’s why comfort features like e-mail notification, personal menus, form assistants are constantly extended.

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