The commissioner for teacher education is a central representative of higher education policy issues of the largest student group at this university. For this purpose, the acting advisor sits on various committees, such as the State Commission for Teacher Education or the Board of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research, but is also spontaneously active in areas of educational policy.

Service and information are an important pillar of the unit’s work. For example, you can regularly receive information about teacher training-specific events and other news via the Facebook presence of the department or the teacher training newsletter. The office hours are also open to you to discuss problems in your studies or other matters in personal contact.

A large number of extracurricular offers of the unit are intended to enrich the university offer with a critical view. Come by! You can always find the current events of the department at least on Facebook (you can see the events even if you are not logged in)!

The new Critical Teaching Education Portfolio!

The second edition of the Critical Teaching Education Portfolio is out! All with completely new contributions, revised contact persons - and this time for the whole of Saxony!

Download it quickly at this link or pick up a free copy at the office of the student council on the main campus Augustusplatz!

Current “additional” projects (selection)

  • Critical monitoring of the amendment of the LAPO I (1st state examination)
  • Creation of a ‘critical teaching portfolio’ in cooperation with the Critical Teachers Leipzig, the young GEW (Union for Education and Science) Leipzig and the Student Council of Educational Sciences of the University of Leipzig this is now ready, pick it up at the StuRa office on the campus Augustusplatz!
  • Preparation, realization and evaluation of the anti-attendance campaign of the StuRa Uni Leipzig in cooperation with the departments for university politics and teaching/studies of the StuRa
  • preparation of the department events for the different introduction weeks of the Uni Leipzig
  • different sticker projects (check out the StuRa for the cool teaching stickers!)
  • development of a position paper on the BiWi modules
  • Development of teaching-specific election test stones for the state parliamentary elections 2019

Reports (selection):

On the debate about the Bundeswehr in schools: On the debate about tenure:… On the debate about the amendments to the LAPO I a radio interview:

University politics

As a university-political representation of all student teachers, it is our goal to enforce student interests in many different committees.

At the moment, the department of teacher education represents your interests in the following bodies:

  • State Commission for Teacher Education (Saxon State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art)
  • Working group for student teachers (link to subpage)
  • Networking of the student teacher representatives of the TU Dresden, TU Cheminitz and the University of Leipzig
  • Board of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research (ZLS) at the University of Leipzig
  • General Assembly of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research (ZLS) at the University of Leipzig
  • Center Council of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Leipzig
  • Committee “Research” of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research (ZLS) of the University of Leipzig


The Department of Student Teaching provides a number of services specifically for student teachers.


One of the most important tasks is the correct information and information forwarding of all student teachers about current innovations in all areas relevant to them. For this purpose, the Facebook presence of the Department of Student Teaching has existed since November 2012 , where information is made available at short notice and for all Facebook users. This social media presence is becoming increasingly popular and currently has around 2,200 fans, with an upward trend!

Furthermore, the teaching newsletter has been in existence since 2009 and now has a distribution list of around 4,200 fellow students. For some people, this classic form is an indispensable part of everyday study life. In each semester, the new students who have joined us are individually registered by hand in the distribution list and from then on receive the newsletter in .pdf format about once a month. All past newsletters will be made available in the newsletter archive.

Here you can subscribe to the teaching newsletter.


You have problems in your teaching studies, stress with a lecturer or a completely different question? Just write a short mail with your request, I will try to answer as soon as possible. You are also welcome to come to the weekly teacher advisory service of the department for student teaching!

From now on, there is also an advisory compass for teachers published by the Central Student Advisory Service, which informs you about the abundance of advisory services. Have a look here (German).