Elections 2023

The elections for the student councils and the Foreign Students Unit were held from 20th to 21st June 2023. Here you can find the final election results

What is up for election?

Elections will be held for the 32 Fachschaftsräte, the Foreign Students Unit (RAS), the student members of the faculty councils, the senate and the extended senate, as well as for the members of the PhD Council and the equal opportunity representatives of some faculties.

Together, these committees take care of things as diverse as course planning, cultural events, advising students, promoting projects, and much more!

You can also find more info about the committees here on our website.

Information about the deadlines for the elections of the Student Councils and the Office of Foreign Students can be found in the election announcement of the Student Council and here on the website.


The deadline for election proposals ended on April 2023, 2023. Here is an overview of all candidates.

You can then find out more about the candidates on the designated bulletin boards or on the websites of the respective [committees]((/was-waehlen/) (e.g. your Fachschaftsrat).

Additional eligible persons can be entered by hand on the ballots.

Where do I vote?

If you know which student council you are in, just check the list of polling stations. If you are unsure (for example, because you are in a double bachelor’s degree or a teaching degree program), then take a look at the electoral rolls till May 23, 2023.

Requesting to vote by letter

Voting by letter must be requested in writing by June 05, 2023 at the latest. If the letter voting documents are to be sent by post, the application must be submitted by [date follows] at the latest, stating a deliverable address. For applications submitted later, the eligible voter bears the risk if the election documents are not available in time.

You want to help?

Get elected to the election committee or register as an election worker. Just write an email to the election officer (wahlleitung@stura.uni-leipzig.de).

You could help manning polling stations, or counting votes after the election. Every volunteer makes the organization of the elections a little easier and smoother!

Further information for your student council

Forms and information sheets for election officials and organizers..

How does the election work?

Each voter can cast 3 votes in these elections; votes can be cast for the nominated persons listed on the ballots as well as (for FSR and RAS) additional eligible persons to be entered by hand.

Sample ballots are available here.

Board confirmation

You need a confirmation of your FSR membership or participation in other committees of the university? Just fill out the form and send it off!

Application for committee confirmation

Here you can find the legal basis for the recognition of committee activities for BAföG and long-term study issues:

Infoblatt Gremiensemester