What do we do? / Notes

The Budget Committee (HHA) is responsible for processing all financial motions prior to StuRa’s discussion of and resolutions on them. It’s members (up to seven) are elected by StuRa in a plenary meeting. It is chaired by StuRa’s financial delegate.

Usually, the HHA meets in two-week-intervals on tuesdays, in alternation to StuRa’s plenary meeting. Anyone who submits a request or a motion to the HHA is invited to its meeting, usually the invitation is extended one week prior to the meeting. Should the applicants be unable to join the HHA session, they are invited to the following session. Applications are discussed following their incoming order.

If you have any questions about the HHA, or on applications / motions, please contact us via email.

Current members of the HHA

  • Lukas R.
  • Max T.
  • Tilman K.
  • Luisa D.
  • Roman B.
  • David R.
  • Jannik J.
  • Adina Clasen (Finance Unit Commissioner, advising member)

Applications / Motions

For projects, travel expense compensation, and to attain the status of a student work group (AG), there are a number of application forms. You can either download or collect them in StuRa’s offices.

There, you can also drop off (or post) your applications. Each application is stamped on receival. It is important that you hand in your application before you start making expenses! After handing in your application, you will be invited to a Budget Committee (HHA) meeting. The HHA gives a recommendation to StuRa’s plenary meeting on whether to grant your application or not. The final decision lies with the plenary meeting. It usually follows the HHA’s recommendations, although there have also been exceptions to this rule in the past.

Working Groups (AGs)

In accordance with § 3 (6) of StuRa’s statutes every member of the University’s Student Body has the right to form AGs with other students. To be recognised as an AG, you need to file an application with StuRa. For each work group, you can apply for basic financial support (usually 50-75€) and, in addition, receive 5% of StuRa’s general AG-budget (in 2018, the total budget was 6.500,00€, so in this case 5% of it would amount to 325€). Additionally, you can use the University’s rooms for free. For further information on the finances of AGs, please refer to § 37 of the financial order of the Student body.


Every student and all Student Councils can file application for financial support of their projects. It is important to note that food and beverages ought to be refinanced by the projects themselves and cannot be paid for by StuRa. This is especially important with alcoholic beverages. For travel expenses (BuFaK, BuFaTas, “Ersti”-excursions, student group excursions) you also need to file a project support application. Here, a 1/3-rule applies: 33,3% of the costs must be paid for by the participants.

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