What do we do?

For a sustainable and ecological university:
Mensa committee and Mensa policy(e.g. VeggieDay, organic and regional offerings).

Organize, promote, participate in events/actions (lectures, discussions, demos, etc.) → Networking and cooperation with organizations: Students for Future, Fridays for Future, Fairtrade University Leipzig (FTU), Oikos, BUND, Ökolöwe, AEL, Greenpeace, etc.

AK Environment

-> you feel like getting involved in the AK Environment, or just drop by, then send an email to oekologie@stura.uni-leipzig.de to stay up to date on our meetings and events!

Or check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKUmweltLeipzigUniversity/

Environmental issues at the university: waste avoidance,- separation, energy saving, recycling, saving resources → environmental, and climate protection.

Strengthen sustainable thinking and acting of the students and employees of the university.

You would like to actively participate in projects and actions or are planning your own initiatives and looking for support? →

If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Fairtrade Uni

More information on the fairtrade uni: