What do we do?

The Inclusion Department was introduced on 01.01.2015 and takes into account the fact that despite the realization of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Germany in 2009, inclusion is still far from becoming a social reality. Therefore, the Inclusion Department sees itself as responsible not only for raising awareness for people with disabilities and chronic illness at the university, but also for supporting and asserting the interests of students with disabilities and chronic illness and for networking and exchanging information with initiatives and organizations with similar goals. Inclusion means that people with disabilities no longer have to integrate and adapt to the environment, but that the environment is equipped from the outset so that all people can live equally - no matter how different they are. The more we know about inclusion, the more likely it is that fear of contact and reservations will disappear. This can only succeed if as many people as possible recognize how important inclusion is for social coexistence and that lived inclusion enriches everyday life - because differences are normal.

List of helpful institutions

University of Leipzig - Studying with Disabilities

Website: www.uni-leipzig.de/studium/beratungs-und-serviceangebote/studieren-in-besonderen-lebenslagen/studieren-mit-beeintraechtigung/

Senate representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

Dr. Susanne Römer

Staff Member Frauke Hippler and Arno Meyer-Glitza

Equal Opportunity Office / Raum 3.51 Strohsackpassage Nikolaistr. 6-10 04109 Leipzig

Email: barrierefrei@uni.leipzig.de Phone: +49 341 97-30149

Website: www.uni-leipzig.de/studium/beratungs-und-serviceangebote/studieren-in-besonderen-lebenslagen/studieren-mit-beeintraechtigung/

Psychosocial counseling of your Student_innenRat

Website: https://stura.uni-leipzig.de/psychosoziale-beratung

Phone: 0341/ 97 37 869,

E-Mail: ps.b@stura.uni-leipzig.de

Social counseling of your Student_innenRat

Website: https://stura.uni-leipzig.de/sozialberatung

Student Union / Psychosocial Counseling

Website: https://www.studentenwerk-leipzig.de/psychosoziale-beratung

Student Union / Social Counseling

Website: www.studentenwerk-leipzig.de/beratung-soziales/studium-mit-beeintraechtigung