If you wish to apply for an absentee ballot (voting by letter), you will receive the voting documents in good time by mail to an address you specify. You do not need to provide a reason for the absentee ballot.

Please fill out the adjacent absentee ballot form, send it with a digital signature by mail to wahlleitung@stura.uni-leipzig.de, hand it in personally to the student election management at the StuRa (in the mailbox there) or send it in time by mail.

The absentee ballot must be requested in writing no later than 13.06.2023. If the absentee ballot is to be delivered by mail, the request must be made by 05.06.2023 at the latest, stating a deliverable address. For applications submitted later, the eligible voter bears the risk if the election documents are not available in time. In exceptional cases, a special request may be made by June 19. However, the voting documents must then be collected by the voter him/herself.

The sending of the postal voting documents is free of charge. You only have to pay the return postage for the election letter yourself if you cannot hand over the letter personally.

The election letters must be received by the election administration by the end of the first day of voting (June 20, 2023).

Application for absentee ballot 2023